Easy styling tips for TALL women

Well, it’s a common notion that short women often have problems when shopping and wearing certain styles of clothing, but have you ever wondered what tall women go through?

Let us tell you that just like petite women, plus size women should also think twice before buying anything! If you’re a petite woman who envies a tall one for all kinds of things she can wear and look fabulous, let us tell you, tall women have their issues too. Not all styles are flattering for plus size women and they can very well make mistakes with their hair. Therefore, we are here to share some quick and important styling tips that plus size women can use in their favor.

– If you are someone who wants to flaunt your curves, use a waist tie or a belt that fits your waist perfectly.

– Are you tall and have a large chest? V-necklines will make your bust flatter.

– You should wear ankle strap shoes if you have long legs and want to make a shorter skirt look gorgeous.

– If you have a torso longer than your legs, you should try wearing an above-the-knee or high-waisted skirt with a crop top. This balances out your figure.

– If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, you can try a long top over pants. Make sure the colors and patterns are correct.

– Loose or oversized top can be tucked into high waisted jeans. This is another great way to create a curvier silhouette.

– You need to balance the wider shoulders with a fit and flare dress or even a skater skirt.

– Don’t hesitate to wear heels. If you like them, wear them. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

– If you want to wear a dress, go for an asymmetrical dress as it can be very effective in making your legs look more proportionate.

– You can layer a jacket that ends just at your waist over longer t-shirts if you are shorter at the top.

– You can use long necklaces to lengthen your torso. It helps draw attention to your waistline.

– If you’re tall and curvy, you need to show off your best features with clever tailoring. Show off your petite waist with a crop top. Choose high-waisted skirts that land on the most flattering part of your legs if that’s what you want to flaunt.

– Wear prints or bright colors on half your body as it helps you look smaller, if at all, that’s what you’re ready to look like.

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