Duggar Cousin Amy King sparkles in a chic purple leopard silk shirt

Amy King and her family are currently caught in the middle of the aftermath of Josh Duggar’s trial. But that won’t stop Cousin Duggar from shining and shining anyway.

Fans noticed that she looked particularly happy on social media these days as she loved her family. But her beautiful purple top is the last photo everyone is talking about.

Amy King strikes a pose on Instagram in a beautiful outfit

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have pretty strict dress codes in their household. But Amy King is their niece, not their daughter. As a result, Amy generally grew up with the freedom to dress however she wanted.

Amy King/Instagram

Yes, that means the 35-year-old is wearing pants. Duggar fans often refer to Amy King as a “rebellious cousin,” but she’s actually no different from most other people in modern society. She follows the Christian faith but does not follow the same strict rules as her cousins.

In fact, many fans thought the new selfie she uploaded looked absolutely stunning. In the photo, Amy is wearing a hat, blue jeans, a gorgeous purple top and a necklace that bears her son’s name, “Daxton.”

While many fans were quick to point out how beautiful Amy looked, they also noticed the seemingly pointed caption.

Amy King/Instagram

But who could it be for? Does Amy just give off positive vibes in general? Some fans aren’t so sure.

Is the caption a dig at anyone in particular?

It’s no secret that Amy King and Katie Joy from Without crystal ball are not on the best terms at the moment. Many fans are pretty sure the long caption is aimed at Katie.

“Are you attacked by someone’s opinion of you? Maybe your children are struggling in school? Maybe the cool bunch of stay-at-home moms still act like the mean immature high school girls,” Amy began. Fans think it’s clear she had someone in mind while writing her caption.

“Maybe someone is jealous of you or bitter about what happened in their life and they never healed from trauma, so they just blame you? Maybe you are being attacked online? Chat rooms, Reddit, YouTube are all places where people can spread nonsensical lies and rumors and it spreads like wildfire. Perhaps you are judged at your church, at your job? the gym?”

Amy goes on to quote Isaiah 54:17 which says “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”. Loosely translated into modern speech, “enemies will hate.”

Are you a fan of Amy King’s cute new look? Do you think the caption was aimed at Katie Joy or was she talking to someone else? Leave your thoughts in the comments and keep following us online for the latest from Duggar.

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