Cute and trendy square toe sandals to obsess over this season

Square toe sandals are here to claim their throne as summer’s must-have shoes. Considering they’ve been reigning for a while now, that’s not a huge surprise. And according to Caroline Maguire, fashion director at Shopbop, we do not say goodbye to these shoes any soon: “Although the trend has been here for two seasons, we still love it!” (Honestly, TG.) The box-shaped shoe shape has stolen the hearts of fashionistas around the world. And to be honest, I can’t remember the last time my shoe wasn’t square toed. Originally I was convinced it was just a passing fad, but now I wonder why I’ve ever owned another shoe. (I still love you, round toe shoes.)

Luckily for all of us (and our closets), the designers have found more than enough ways to play around with the geometric shape of the shoe, which makes them all the more groundbreaking. Whether you’re looking to add a little edginess to your look or keep it soft and sleek, the ever-popular silhouette comes in multiple variations. A lifesaver for girls with wide feet and a breath of fresh air for the pragmatists of the fashion world, the square toe trend continues to capture our hearts.

Our top picks for cute square toe sandals:


Without further ado, I’ve rounded up the best square-toe sandals to buy right now (and wear forever) below.

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