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If I had to choose a specialized subject on University challenge, it would probably be clothing brands. Considering I wear dresses about 90% of the time, I have become a bit adept at spotting new dress trends before they go mainstream, and my favorite hobby is discovering new brands that create styles. coveted that I can think about adding to my collection. While the brand we’re here to talk about today is neither new nor completely under the radar, it definitely deserves a moment in the spotlight.

One of the style set’s favorite Rat & Boa minis, the Ananis dress is guaranteed to sell.

I first discovered Rat & Boa dresses in 2017, when I was on a feverish quest to find a wedding guest dress. At the last wedding I attended, someone else chose the same dress as me, and while we were laughing about it (it was far from the end of the world), I decided to do all I could to find a dress that I didn’t think someone else would have. After a massive Instagram session, I found Rat & Boa, and he’s been on my radar ever since.

Emily Ratajkowski has been spotted in the brand many times, always opting for her brighter print pieces.

The Berlin-based label has become known for its cult clothing styles. Just type the phrase “Rat & Boa” on Google to see automated search recommendations for each of its bestsellers: Isabella, Gisele and Ananis. That tells you two things: that the brand has a knack for creating coveted dresses that last longer than a season, and that they have a pretty dedicated fan base (which includes Emily Ratajkowski and Jasmine Tookes, for info), who are looking for her dresses regularly.

Jasmine Tookes recently revamped this now-sold-out Rat & Boa dress which she skillfully matched with a coordinating red headband.

With a noticeable ’90s and LA aesthetic, there is something distinctly effortless about Rat & Boa dresses, which is ultimately why they are so appealing. If you’re the type of dresser who doesn’t want to look like you’ve put in too much effort – that she just threw something in and it looks amazing – then Rat & Boa dresses are the one. reply. Yes, some styles are more whimsical than others. His backless, floor-sweeping designs may seem a little too much for pub drinks, but will do for all those postponed wedding celebrations. However, if you don’t have a formal night out on the horizon, don’t worry. The brand offers many creations that will lend themselves just as well to a picnic in the park as to an intimate dinner with your loved ones. They are versatile, which is precisely what you would expect from a dress in the triple-digit price range.

Backless dresses are all the rage and Rat & Boa is a backdrop party dress paradise.

As the brand has a reputation for selling quickly, you can’t hang around when you find a Rat & Boa dress you love. To make things easier, I’ve rounded up a selection of the fanciest dresses currently in stock. Still, it’s still worth checking her website for restockings (they do happen) as well as resale platforms like Depop, where dresses are popping up more regularly than you might think. Scroll down to view and purchase the Rat & Boa dresses that I currently love.


Rat & Boa Arizona Giraffe Print Dress (£ 165)

Rat & Boa Ananis Dress in Green (£ 165)

Rat & Boa Santiago dress in blue flowers (£ 265)

Rat & Boa Gabriella dress in white (£ 335)

Rat & Boa Ferreira Dress in Multicolor (185 €)

Rat & Boa Gisele Maxi Dress in Monochrome (£ 130)

Rat & Boa Harlequin Dress in Orange (£ 165)

Rat & Boa Navy and Red Polka Dot Moko Dress (£ 145)

Rat & Boa Gold Venus Dress (£ 175)

Rat & Boa Vale dress in purple (£ 145)

Rat & Boa Giorgia dress in black and gold (£ 250)

Rat & Boa Ruffle Metallic Midi Dress (£ 75)

Rat & Boa Isabella dress in red (£ 165)

Rat & Boa Karina dress in multicolor (£ 125)

Rat & Boa Nolita Dress in Black (£ 135)

Rat & Boa Juliette dress in green (£ 185)

Rat & Boa Perla Polka Dot Dress (£ 165)

Rat & Boa Blue Print Coralina Dress (£ 140)

Rat & Boa Savina mini dress in black (£ 125)

Rat & Boa Vivi Green Print Dress (£ 165)

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