Consolidation of the police discussed at City Hall | Local News

Glynn County District 5 Commissioner Allen Booker’s last town hall drew only a handful of people on Tuesday, but Glynn County Police Chief Jacques Battiste’s message about consolidation was clear.

Battiste said he has been working hard to rebuild community trust since being hired as the county’s police chief last year.

“We are invested in this community,” he said. “We have established a great relationship with the Brunswick Police Department. »

Battiste thinks it would be a bad idea to combine city and county police departments despite the lack of personnel for both agencies.

City police officers have a different set of problems than their county counterparts, he said.

Battiste said county officers will continue to assist city officers when needed and city officers will assist the county when needed.

Battiste said city and county law enforcement, including the sheriff’s office, meet regularly to discuss questions or issues.

“I know this community is strong,” he said. “We just don’t want to meet when there’s a problem.”

Booker said Tuesday’s meeting was the last he planned to hold until the list of proposed SPLOST projects was released.

“Listening to the public is a major concern,” Booker said.

Glynn County Commission Chairman David O’Quinn said the joint city and county effort to improve drainage in the College Park area has resulted in funding to address most, if not the whole, drainage problems.

“Any time the city and county can work together, that’s progress,” he said. “That will move the needle for that neighborhood.”

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