Congressman wants Rs 5 lakh fine against restaurants denying entry due to Indian clothing, moves proposal to southern MCD

Delhi Congress Vice President Abhishek Dutt has demanded a fine of Rs 5 lakh be imposed on establishments if they deny entry to visitors wearing traditional Indian attire. This was prompted by a recent incident in which a woman was reportedly refused entry to a restaurant in Ansal Plaza in South Delhi while she was in a sari.

Dutt, who is also Andrews Ganj’s adviser, presented a proposal to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) demanding that a fine of Rs 5 lakh be imposed on any restaurant, bar or hotel denying entry to a person wearing traditional Indian attire. . He also demanded that such establishments be closed for at least a month. The proposal is expected to be presented at the SDMC House meeting on September 29.

Dutt also said that in the past there had been several incidents where people were refused entry to a restaurant or hotel because they were “not properly dressed” or “wore traditional clothes”.

“Such incidents are reminiscent of the colonial era, when Indians were not allowed to enter clubs and hotels. Not allowing entry to someone wearing traditional Indian clothing in India is simply unacceptable. It should be stopped. Besides imposing a fine, these establishments should be closed for at least one month, ”he said.

The woman had posted a video on social media of the September 19 incident, saying: “The saree is not allowed in the Aquila restaurant because the Indian saree is no longer a fancy dress. What is the concrete definition of a chic outfit? STP tell me. “In the video, a member of the hotel staff can be heard saying,” We only allow smart casuals and the saree is not smart casual. “

As the clip went viral, the restaurant released a statement, “At Aquila, we believe in honoring our Indian community and have always greeted our guests in all dress codes, from modern to traditional. They also claimed that the woman slapped their staff member. “To deal with the situation and ask the guest to leave, one of our gate managers made a statement that sarees were not part of our smart casual dress code; our entire team apologizes for the same, ”the statement said.

The National Commission for Women had also become aware of the alleged incident and asked the Delhi Police Chief to investigate the same, while writing to the director of Aquila to appear before it on September 28 with supporting documents and an explanation.

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