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7 everyday clothes that could get you £ 5,000 fine or a driving ban

Many people may not be aware that driving while wearing everyday clothes could break the law. As a result, motorists risk getting points on their license or having to pay a hefty fine. A list of seven common clothes that could restrict someone’s driving has been identified by automotive experts Car money. Highway Rule 97 […]

“We are currently in negotiations with many global brands”

Starting from Jay Ambe Saree Showroom in Indrachowk in 2011, the RP Group is now the authorized supplier of 23 international brands of clothing, footwear and accessories like Da Milano Italia, Rosso Brunello, W Aurelia, Indian Terrain and Louise Philippe, among others. The group also has interests in electronics and food products. In an email […]

Tri-State Mall in Claymont will be redeveloped by new owners

After years of inactivity, Claymont’s Tri-State Mall received its first sign of new life on Wednesday when a demolition claw ripped open the awning of the property’s most decrepit building. The Levitz Furniture Outlet building, east of what remains of the Tri-State Mall on Naamans Road, already had holes in its roof after years of […]

Study highlights role of mainstream media in public health communication during pandemic

A study by Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) found that as the type of misinformation about COVID-19 rectified by Singapore’s mainstream media evolved during the pandemic, the role played by media in debunking these myths has become increasingly important. to citizens in the country’s struggle to manage the epidemic. Out of 2,000 press articles […]

Berries, markets, leaf miners and the Big Apple

Saunas, heatwaves, heavenly breezes and cool nights, thunderstorms, Edenic blue skies and puffy clouds: summer, as always, offers a bit of everything. So, too, the plant world. From crops of black raspberries to flowering hydrangeas in all their diversity, from creative planters and creative teas in local public squares and farmer’s markets to the white […]

Help your kids beat the heat | News, Sports, Jobs

Mark Odorizzi, DO Lazy summer days are here in north central Pennsylvania, which means sunny, warm days full of activities for kids enjoying their summer vacation. During the hot summer months, knowing how to keep children safe is important. What are heat injuries? When summer temperatures reach their peak, the risk of heat injuries also […]