Caney Creek High School Fashion Students Make Headlines With Newspaper Gowns

What can you do with newspaper and duct tape? A dress fit for a parade, according to students in the Family Consumer Science class at Caney Creek High School.

Fashion design teacher Kimberly Gorman had to be very selective about what projects her students could do last year, as many were still attending school online. This year, with her students back in class, group projects can begin.

At the end of September, Gorman gave his students a stack of newspapers donated by the Conroe Courier and The Prowler, the student newspaper, and told them to make a dress. The class had already talked about hems, necklines and dress styles, the project was their chance to put on what they had learned to use. Last year the students did this project using Barbie dolls, but this year they were able to be life-size.

“I’ve seen this project done on Facebook by other teachers before,” Gorman said. “I was inspired to do it by them, and these kids just ran with it. I showed them a video from Project Runway to give them an idea of ​​”Hey, this is what we’re looking at.”

The students were grouped together and started sketching pictures. The majority of the dress was to be made of newspaper, but they were also allowed to use items like colored paper, rhinestones, and ribbon to make the design more vibrant.

By the end of the week, there were eight dresses of varying lengths and styles. Designs ranged from a traditional ball gown, to a classic mermaid tail skirt, to a more contemporary dress inspired by a cactus. Once they were completed, Gorman asked his fellow teachers and Facebook friends to vote for their favorites from each class, then posted them in the classroom window for the rest of the student body to see.

Students are not yet using sewing machines, so newspaper was a more affordable alternative that also allowed them to be creative, to work together, and to use the skills and knowledge they had already acquired.

“I am so impressed,” Gorman said of her student’s creations. “They had so much fun with it.”

Angie Castro, a sophomore at Caney Creek, was one of the students who designed the winning design for their class, an asymmetrical dress inspired by the style of the 60s and 70s, and the Star Trek sci-fi show.

“I’ve always loved fashion since I was little and I want to continue being in fashion, that’s what I want to do for college,” Castro said. “(The project) taught me to work on my ideas and make them come true. I learned new ways of doing details.

The biggest project was a ball gown style gown that required five people to move around, making sure the large skirt and hem detailing all stayed in place. Caden Brown, a sophomore at Caney Creek and a member of the ball gown team, said he joined the class to try something new.

“It was like paving a road without concrete,” Brown said of the design and manufacture of a newspaper dress. “The original design was meant to be short and simple, but the ambition is as big as (the dress).”

Hard work pays off, that’s the lesson Brown takes from this particular project.

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