Bridgerton Fashion: shop for dresses and outfits inspired by Daphne, Kate and more

Puff sleeves and empire waists have been popular in recent months, and the Netflix show’s return Bridgerton seems to have had a huge influence on the fashion trend. Stores like Bloomingdales, Anthropologie and BHLDN have stocked Regency-era reminiscent dresses from brands like Selkie and more, but you don’t have to have a ton member’s wallet to look like one. If you love Bridgerton fashion, there are all kinds of ways to take inspiration from Kate, Daphne and other characters from the Netflix series.

Daphne playing the piano in Bridgerton

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How to Dress Like Daphne Bridgerton from Phoebe Dynevor

Cotton may not be the Duchess’ favorite material, but it’s perfect for the summer month. Below, the light blue dress mimics the classic pastel blue that Daphne favored during the show, while maintaining that contemporary edge. It’s also less stiff than dinner silks and has the perfect flow for brunch or a wine day. If you prefer Daphne in other colors, however, we’ve got you covered below.

Speaking of bringing hem length into the modern era, this sweet sweetheart neckline will give you a Regency Era silhouette – at least from the waist down – and is reminiscent of the purple dress Daphne wears to garden party events. of his brother Anthony in season. 2. An additional bonus? It comes in many colors.

Sure, if you were on the show, you might show off a little too much ankle, calf, and knee for handsome Duke or Viscount potential, but you might catch the eye of your modern-day Prince Charming in this number.

Kate Sharma goes hunting in a blue dress in season 2 of Bridgerton.

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Forget Pastels: How to Wear Simone Ashley’s Kate Sharma Bold Shades

If Daphne isn’t your thing, let me introduce you to Kate Sharma, a bold woman willing to fight for her family, and who favors jewel tones as a bonus. Bridgerton has never been shy about choosing different color palettes, but it’s always refreshing to see options for fans of such sultry colors over the past season. While normally a blazer dress doesn’t quite scream “Regency Era”, in the case of Kate’s hunting trip as her sister tried to win Anthony’s affection, she wore a teal blue riding coat and hat. top hat.

Considering Simone Ashley was open about disliking the corset while filming, what better way to celebrate the look than a similar blazer dress or a long blazer mimicking the look, without uncomfortable underwear, of course. (Although you might have to shell out a pretty penny for a matching hat.)

At another point in Season 2, Kate wears a memorable purple dress with silver thread above. While the silhouette of this one is a bit more Golden age (who like Bridgerton will be back for season 2), it’s definitely something Miss Sharma could favor, and would be perfect for a more formal event.

Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma, heading to a ball.

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If you want to dress like Edwina Sharma (hint: I hope you look good in fishing)

Edwina likes patterns less than some others Bridgerton characters, but one thing she loves is fishing. It’s a color she likes and sets her apart from the colors her sister prefers to wear. If you, too, are a peachy personality, there are some great options for you right now that may not be ballroom-friendly, but certainly work for any diamond.

There are also plenty of daytime looks reminiscent of Edwina. Although the character played by Charithra Chandran doesn’t wear a lot of prints, I’d like to think she’d make an exception for that darling puff-sleeve number.

Marina Thompson's Fashion in Netflix's Bridgerton

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If you want to dress like Ruby Barker’s Marina Thompson Crane

Outside of some great yellow numbers she wore in Season 1, actress Ruby Barker gets a pretty fun wardrobe that’s a little different from some of the other women in Bridgerton. What I love about Marina’s wardrobe is that it has fun prints like the Featherington women, but her look isn’t as strong. A cheeky animal print satin mini skirt? It’s Marina all the way.

Another thing I love about Marina’s wardrobe is her floral influences. She often chooses dresses with delicate flowers on them. It’s just enough of an extra look to grab attention and it’s the perfect style for people who are just dipping their toes in water when it comes to prints on dresses! I really think Marina might prefer a look like a pink ruffled mini dress.

Penelope and her two sisters in Bridgerton ball gowns.

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If you want to dress in style, a bit like the Featherington sisters

Prudence Featherington often takes after her mother and is one of the most daring dressers in the family, which is a feat within this family. While Featherington fashion was joked about by Madame Delacroix, who in season 2 notes that she often chooses fabrics that others don’t want, one can wear bold fashion and still look great.

Or alternatively, if Philippa Finch’s evening dresses and prints are more in your favor, you can try a similar green dress with embroidery it’s still bold, yet romantic.

Penelope Featherington is often dressed in yellow for big events. It’s usually a bright daffodil colored dress and there are plenty of places you can go to find it online. But I’m pretty much into softening the look, as you can see in this version of selkie or a similar version below. A dress can be loud and help you stand out without going back to the sun, dear reader.

Eloise Bridgerton fashion in season 2

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If you’re a little more conservative in your fashion, like Claudia Jessie’s Eloise Bridgerton

Most of the looks on this list are tasteful, but although Eloise wears clothes with short sleeves, she often wears dresses that cover more of her cleavage and allow her to move freely. There are plenty of modern dresses out there that work the same way and prove you can be both comfy and cute!

While dressing in empire waist prom dresses can make you stand out in a crowd, there are plenty of modern ways to look Regency, including this lovely number with a back that would most certainly be do not being corset approved, but still nods to looks from the show with its high waistline and pastel print. If you can’t handle so much Cottagecore in your everyday look, try a blouse reminiscent of the era and team it with jeans or sandals, or try ruffles and tulle to romanticize an event look. There are many ways to stand out, Bridgerton-style, and I hope you find a way to make this era your own.

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