Bridezilla slammed for issuing seven rules for her wedding, including a strict dress code, no phones and a ban on alcohol

A BRIDE-TO-BE shared the seven rules she set for her wedding guests on her big day and people weren’t impressed with her strict stipulations.

The Australian bride explained that she caused a stir ahead of her February wedding.


Valentine shared the seven rules of her marriageCredit: tiktok/@pinkpartypunch
The couple did not want children at their wedding and strictly no photos during the ceremony


The couple did not want children at their wedding and strictly no photos during the ceremonyCredit: tiktok/@pinkpartypunch

Valentine, 21, insisted that no guests make pregnancy announcements on their pregnancy day and that children be banned from the event.

She also expected people to dress to perfection and said she would narrate the ceremony if she saw anyone pull out their phone.

She also said that pluses would be strictly off limits as she didn’t want to spend money on their food and drink.

Valentine also said that despite the party starting at 2 p.m., the bar tab would only start at 5 p.m. to prevent people from getting too leathery and leaving early.

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The mother-of-one said she and her partner agreed on the rules together and that people ‘shouldn’t go to weddings’ if they couldn’t manage the do’s and don’ts of the bride.

The most controversial decision was to exclude children from the list – other than their own.

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She said: “It’s for many reasons, but the main one is that we only have 50 seats. We’re getting married in one register, our two families are quite large.

“If we brought everyone’s kids, we would only have 25 spare seats, which is basically our immediate family and that’s it.”

Then, the bride-to-be explained that she would delay the opening of the bar tab.

She said: “Our reception starts at two o’clock, we really don’t want everyone to be without legs and go home in a taxi before the night has even started.”

The couple also insisted that no one take out their phone during the official ceremony.

She said: “I will literally stop what I’m doing in the middle of my vows if I have to and tell you to put your phone away.

“We pay $3000 for a photographer, take pictures with us afterwards.”

Another rule, which the bride admitted could be “a bit harsh”, was that no one was allowed to have a plus one.

She said: “If we wanted them there, they would be.

“I don’t want to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this wedding to pay for drinks, food and entertainment for someone I don’t even know and I really don’t want any strangers on either photos.”

Then, Valentine insisted that people come to her big day dressed to perfection.

She said: “I want formal dresses, tuxedos, suits, ties, whatever, you have to look good in the photos.

“We won’t have jeans and t-shirts my friends.”

She also explained that anyone who made a big announcement would be “kicked out” of the event.

She said: “If you announce you’re pregnant or propose or announce you’re engaged, I’ll drag you – not if you’re pregnant, I’m not crazy.

“But I will literally take you out. This is the day I’ve been looking forward to since I was a little girl, it’s not about you. Leave that for another day.”

Finally, the bride-to-be said she didn’t want anyone making announcements about the day or uploading photos to social media, until they had done it themselves.

She said: “It’s not just my rules it’s mine and my fiance agreed on some rules some were just from him some were just from me we were both Okay.

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“Don’t go to people’s weddings if you don’t agree with their rules.”

The clip of the bride-to-be went viral with over 650,000 views, but the replies were so full of “horrible” messages from appalled viewers that she was forced to turn off the comment function on the video.

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