Bride-to-be stirs controversy with ‘demanding’ wedding dress code

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Man calls out to mom for “manipulative” holiday dinner plans

A man calls out to mom about her “manipulative” holiday dinner plans. A husband disagrees with his family because of his wife’s food allergies. He visited Reddit’s “Am I the A ******” forum for help. His wife cannot eat gluten or dairy products without getting sick. This means that he has to prepare holiday dinners at home. When he refused to attend his family’s Canadian Thanksgiving dinner because his wife couldn’t eat anything, his mother became furious. “My wife is allergic to gluten and dairy,” he said. “So normally we don’t eat out unless we know it’s safe.” Time and time again, I’ve seen my wife get sick because someone didn’t take proper precautions after us. to have said that we have nothing to fear. “Fast forward to this year. My dad had a stroke in April. He’s fine now, but they’ve taken his driver’s license away for the time being.” My brother is having Thanksgiving at his home. I live in Toronto, he lives in Oshawa. I would invite my parents here, but I know they won’t come. “I know my dad would come, but since my mom is in control, he doesn’t want to fight.” But when he told his mother he wasn’t coming, she accused him of choosing sides. “I told my mother,” he explained. “I’m going to cook dinner at my house because of my wife’s allergy, and we also live with her 87-year-old aunt, who we don’t want to leave alone for too long.” She tries to make me feel guilty. .. saying to me: ‘Well, your grandmother will be there.’ I’m like, what do you want me to do? . “Come over there with my wife, who can’t eat anything, and feed me while she doesn’t! It’s not fair to her.” My mom basically said I always choose my wife. rather than her and my side of the family. “I have mentioned several times that my wife is my wife, that she is my priority and that she will always come first.” Reddit users encouraged him to welcome his wife. “Your mother looks like a handful,” said another

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