Body-worn Lexington cameras

LEXINGTON, Ky. – A new change took place at the Lexington Police Department starting this month. All sworn police officers now wear body cameras.

What would you like to know

  • All sworn police officers in Lexington now wear body cameras
  • The police department has two types of body cameras
  • In a report by the Mayor’s Commission on Racial Justice and Equality, the commission recommended that all officers wear a body camera
  • The department has more than 1,100 body-worn cameras, of which 165 are the most recent models

Lieutenant David Richardson explained a bit about how the cameras work.

“Once I get a call, you know, I activate my camera, I get an audible tone and a visual red light tone, that let me know that it is recording,” said Richardson while demonstrating. ‘a more recent camera.

The police department has two types of body cameras: those that mount on the shoulder and the new ones that sit in the center of the chest.

“We hope to upgrade these cameras so that everyone has the same camera, as these are additional features,” said Richardson.

Ultimately, the department will invest in new models that could be activated remotely if an officer draws a weapon.

“They can be turned on remotely like you’re drawing your taser, it would turn on automatically, and that’s something we may be considering purchasing in the future,” said Richardson.

Lexington officers began wearing body cameras in 2016. Richardson has so far said patrol or traffic officers and some special ops have worn them, but not all uniformed officers.

Last October, as part of the Mayor’s Commission for Racial Justice and Equality, a report called for a recommendation that “every sworn officer should be required to wear body cameras when performing enforcement duties. of the law “. The circle has come full circle this month.

“Body-worn cameras just provide more transparency to the community. Now they allow the community to see what agents go through on a day-to-day basis, it helps in the courtroom and helps with prosecutions, so they’re just another valuable tool that agents have at their disposal ” Richardson said. .

The department has over 1,100 body-worn cameras, 165 of which are the most recent models.

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