BlackTree is the Fast mover jeans brand in India 2022

New Delhi [India]Feb. 3 (ANI/SRV): When it comes to jeans, there are many brands to choose from, with various styles and fits.

Clothing has diversified with many varieties. Here are the different brands of jeans to suit every man’s needs.

Among the top 10 jeans brands in India, Blacktree is one of the fastest growing brands in this segment and continues to climb the rankings. BlackTree is a leading clothing brand established in the city of Patna in Bihar and the products are available in different fits such as Slim Fit, Skinny Fit, Casual, Regular and Carrot Fit. Moreover, customers also have their choice in terms of styles such as boot cut, straight, tapered and fits over boot styles.

Myblacktree India Pvt Ltd is an Indian DTC brand which mainly focuses on women’s clothing and men’s items, as well as accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items. Their vision is to provide quality products at an affordable price.

In addition, BlackTree jeans are not very expensive. Customers can get a pair for as little as Rs. 1,499 BlackTree from the new Indigo collection which uses foam technology to reduce water for dyeing.

Price Range: Rs. 1499 – 5499

Types: Jogger, Casual, Skinny, Slim, Straight, Tapered

Size: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34,36, 38, 40

Top Brand Styles – Jeans BT001, Jeans BT003, Jeans BT005 and Jeans BT008

Reviving the denim industry

Indian factories are expected to grow by 10-15% over the next few years. India has an annual installed capacity of around 1,600 million meters for denim fabrics, the second largest in the world after China. Currently, the total number of denim fabric factories operating in the country is said to be over 50 (in the organized segment), which is 60% more than 10 years ago. Out of the total capacity, India’s domestic denim fabric consumption is around 850-900 million meters, which includes domestic production of jeans as well as exports, while the remaining fabrics are exported to countries like Bangladesh, Colombia, Venezuela, Egypt and Sri Lanka, among others. . According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, exports of denim fabrics during the period of January to October. ’21 was valued at $190.78 million, growing approximately 88.45% year-over-year.

Positive reception from denim brand owners to increased business

Agreeing with the buzz that there are many growth opportunities in the Indian denim industry, Kundan Kumar, Managing Director of Myblacktree India Pvt.Ltd, said, “There are several factors behind an increase in demand, the main one being that there were no more stocks. with anyone in the supply chain, so demand builds up. After a lull, the economy is growing because money is back in the market, and revenge buying is also happening, resulting in reserved capacity in factories. The versatility of denim is also a reason that creates demand. Additionally, he also said that there is an increase in high-end denim products and customers are willingly paying the price.

Growth of the denim market in India

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% and reach Rs 39,651 crore by 2022 and Rs 77,999 crore by 2026. The men’s denim segment accounts for 84% of the market while the women’s denim and the children’s denim segment account for 10% and 6% respectively.

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