Billy Porter blows up Vogue cover for Harry Styles

Last year, pop musician Harry Styles drew praise – and fierce detractors – for flouting gender norms by wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue.

But actor Billy Porter, who graced the 2019 Oscars red carpet in a black tuxedo dress, was not impressed by the fashion magazine’s decision to feature Styles in a gown as its first solo male cover star. .

“I created the conversation, and yet Vogue have always put Harry Styles, a straight white man, in a dress on their blanket for the first time, ”Porter told Britain. the Sunday Times.

“I’m not hanging out with Harry Styles, but he is this the one you’re going to try to use to represent this new conversation? He doesn’t care, he just does it because it’s the right thing to do.

Vogue did not immediately respond to The Times’ request for comment on Monday.

Since his time at the 2019 Oscars, Porter has been considered by many to be a pioneer of the fluid gender style movement.

In addition to her stylish red carpet appearances, Porter has made several non-binary fashion statements through her acclaimed work on FX’s “Pose,” as well as Amazon’s 2021 remake of “Cinderella” – which has it. seen playing the traditionally female role of the Princess’ Fairy Godmother.

“It’s politics for me,” Porter told the Sunday Times. “It is my life. I had to fight my whole life to get to the place where I could wear an Oscar dress and not be shot now. All he has to do is be white and straight, ”he said of Styles.

(It should be noted that Styles does not have publicly declared his sexuality.)

In a Monday interview with THANK YOU, a watchdog organization that advocates for an authentic portrayal of LGBTQ + in entertainment, Porter recalled being “ridiculed” and “ridiculed” for his clothing choices because “people just don’t understood what I had been trying to do for a very long time ”.

Today, the first openly gay black man to win an Emmy for Leading Actor in a Drama Series seeks to congratulate himself on his foundational contributions to the recent paradigm shift in the fashion world.

“I. Personally. Modified. The. Whole. Game,” Porter told the Sunday Times. “And it’s not ego, it’s just a fact. … I was the first to do it and now everyone is doing it.

In the December 2020 edition of Vogue, Styles cited rock legends Prince, David Bowie, Elvis, Freddie Mercury and Elton John for influencing his sense of style and said he was not interested in limiting himself. in fashion.

“I go to stores sometimes and find myself looking at women’s clothing thinking it’s amazing,” said the artist from “Fine Line”.

“There is so much joy in playing with clothes. I’ve never really given too much thought to what that means – it just becomes that extended part of creating something.

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