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Which white tennis dress is the best?

If you’re a budding tennis star or even just a casual player, a tennis dress can provide extra comfort on the court and improve your performance.

White tennis dresses are a popular color choice due to their clean, sophisticated look. If you are looking for a high quality white tennis dress, the NikeCourt Dri-Fit ADV Slam Tennis Dress is a first choice. It’s a racerback style dress with a slim fit, sleek asymmetric hem and specially designed ventilation system for maximum breathability.

What to know before buying a white tennis dress


There are many tennis dress styles, but it’s crucial to wear the right size no matter which one you prefer. Your tennis dress should never go below the knees, as this will severely limit your mobility. Some players like to wear short, fitted tennis dresses, while others prefer loose styles. In any case, you should always aim for maximum comfort.


Tennis apparel fabrics are often breathable and effective at wicking away sweat. Most dresses are made from polyester, but may also contain other fabrics, such as spandex. Polyester is the preferred material for a tennis dress and one of the most comfortable, while spandex adds a stretch element needed for increased flexibility and mobility. There are cotton tennis dresses, but they are ineffective at wicking away moisture and are not as light or stretchy as polyester and spandex dresses.


There are three distinct tennis dress shapes: pleated, A-line, and straight.

  • Pleated dresses sport a traditional look and offer the most mobility and flexibility of any style.
  • A line Dresses look like pleats, but they are tighter at the waist and widen towards the hem.
  • Straight styles are usually form-fitting, so they feel the most secure. However, they can be more constricting than A-line or pleated dresses.

What to Look for in a Quality White Tennis Dress


Many tennis dresses don’t come with undershorts, which isn’t ideal when buying a white dress, as many are see-through. Tennis underpants are form-fitting, compression-style and similar to cycling shorts. They provide extra stability and a more secure fit, which can help you focus your mobile energy better.


There are two types of belts: elastic and banded. Elastic bands are the most common, and since they are stretchy, they are naturally the most comfortable. Tape belts aren’t as flexible as elastic belts, but they provide a more secure fit because they’re stiffer.


In addition to the fabric used, certain aspects of the construction of a dress are crucial for breathability. Mesh inserts and perforations on the sides allow better air circulation. Good ventilation is essential to staying cool and dry, because although it is normal to sweat while playing tennis, being too hot or sweating can be uncomfortable and negatively affect your performance.

How much you can expect to spend on a white tennis dress

You can get a usable and reliable tennis dress for $50 to $80. However, those made with premium fabrics from major sportswear brands cost between $80 and $120.

White Tennis Dress FAQ

What if the tennis dress I purchased does not include undershorts?

A. Although not required to be worn under tennis dresses, compression underpants provide a secure fit. If you are going to play in a white dress with a fitted cut, it is highly recommended to wear them. If your dress does not contain them, you can buy them separately or exchange your dress for one that includes shorts.

What are the standard cut lengths for tennis dresses?

A. The standard tennis dress length is approximately 11 to 15 inches long. If you are taller or shorter than average, you can customize your tennis dress to the length that suits you.

What is the best white tennis dress to buy?

White tennis dress top

NikeCourt Dri-Fit ADV Slam Tennis Dress

What do you want to know: This slim fit dress has a high quality slim fit and elegant white design.

What you will love: This is a racerback style tennis dress made with an iridescent fabric for less grip and more stretch. It has an asymmetrical hem with side pleats for flexibility and mobility. Plus, it uses advanced engineering and thermal mapping to create a well-ventilated dress for maximum breathability.

What you should consider: Shorts aren’t included, and since it’s a tight white dress with no bloomers or lining, it’s visibly sheer.

Or buy: Sold by Dick Sporting Goods

White tennis dress top for the money

Asics Rally Short Sleeve Dress

Asics Rally Short Sleeve Dress

What do you want to know: Made by a trusted brand, this white tennis dress is built to last and won’t break the bank.

What you will love: This robe is made with high quality fabrics that effectively wick away moisture, allowing you to stay cooler and drier for longer periods of time. It has a T-back panel, built-in bra for added support, and princess side seams for a snug fit.

What you should consider: It runs small, so it is advisable to buy a size above.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Prince Match dress

Prince Match dress

What do you want to know: This sleeveless dress offers excellent comfort while you play and features a clean white design.

What you will love: It has a scoop neckline and is made with sweat-wicking fabrics. The material is lightweight, allowing you to move with more flexibility and mobility in the field. Included undershorts provide extra coverage and comfort.

What you should consider: The material is thin, so it may not be as durable as dresses offered by other brands.

Or buy: Sold by Dick Sporting Goods

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