Best formal wear to buy under Rs. 2000! -Best formal wear pieces to buy under Rs. 2000!

If you are looking to revamp your formal look, check out these clothes you can buy under Rs. 2000.

Our clothes are the expression of our personalities. Most of us get our fashion inspiration from movies, TV, friends and family, and the latest fashion trends on social media. Nowadays, there is a type of outfit and a style suitable for everyday themes, occasions and even events. The only category that seems to rest happily in the gray region is formal wear. Countless Hollywood films have portrayed women wearing elegant blouses, dresses, shirts and skirts to work, inspiring many of us in India to upgrade our work attire.

We’re here to help with a few formal pieces from some of your favorite brands.

Van Heusen: polka dot sleeveless top

This brown turtleneck top will perfectly complement your black pants and give you an ultra-chic look. You absolutely must have a polka dot top in your workwear wardrobe to add a bit of vibrancy to formal outfits.

Buy here: Van Heusen: Polka Dot Sleeveless Top

Marks & Spencer: simple trousers

marks and spencer

Beige is often and wrongly linked to blandness. It’s a shade not to be overlooked, in fact it should be one of the essential pieces of your formal wear. Beige looks particularly stylish with a monochromatic combination, but you can also style it with different colors, including shades of black and white.

Buy here: Marks & Spencer: simple trousers

Zink London: Plain Blue Shirt Dress

shirt dress

This solid blue shirt dress will kick your style quotient up a notch. You can pair it with black heels to enhance your everyday office look. This dress is not only elegant but ultra comfortable at the same time.

Buy here: Zink London: Plain Blue Shirt Dress

BIBA: Pink kurti

biba kurti

This light pink colored cotton kurti from BIBA is a complete show stealer. Pair this kurti with white palazzo pants for a stylish look.

Buy here: BIBA: Pink kurti

Allen Solly: blue shirt

blue t-shirt

This blue shirt from Allen Solly will add a pop of color to your business attire. This design is designed for a comfortable fit and made of cotton with a bit of stretch. To complete your outfit, pair this long sleeve shirt with black pants and stiletto heels.

Buy here: Allen Solly: blue shirt

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