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Which black maxi dresses are the best?

Black maxi dresses are a perfect addition to any closet as they are easy to style and pair well with various accessories. Whether you’re going to a casual night out or even a formal event, a black maxi dress looks effortlessly refined. They also come in different styles, like a long black dress with sleeves for extra coverage or a looser sleeveless design.

Check Long buttoned dress with tape on the back if you want a style that’s suitable for multiple occasions and flattering for many body types. The short sleeves and button closure make it the perfect option for a summer evening outing.

What to know before buying a long black dress

Shop by design

Long dresses have a long flowing design, which makes them very popular. Long black dresses are particularly popular for their flattering styles and varied shapes. You can choose a long black dress with or without sleeves, an open back or a number of other options. Consider your style preferences and the dress style you like the most, then sort your choices by design.

Try it

The only way to know if you like the style and fit of a dress is to try it on. Although most online shopping requires you to purchase an item first, consider grabbing a few different styles and sizes so you’re sure to find the one you like. Then send back anything you don’t like so you don’t clutter up your closet.

think about style

The best long black dresses will work with pieces you already own. If you need to buy new shoes and jewelry to enjoy the dress, you might want another option. Think about the shoes and jewelry you’ll want to wear when considering your options. The perfect maxi dress is incomplete without the right accessories, so don’t forget to consider your style options when shopping.

What to Look for in a Quality Black Maxi Dress


Black is a flattering color, but even some materials can be too stretchy for enough coverage. While white is notoriously see-through, long black dresses can still be a bit sheer. This sheer may be fine in some settings, but if you’re wearing a long black dress out on the town, you need to make sure it gives you proper protection.

Strong seams

The sewing work of a garment sets it apart in terms of quality. Carefully check the seams of your black maxi dress to make sure they are durable and secure. Gently pull the seams, then hold them to see if there is any light coming through. Watch out for loose, ruffled, or sheer threads. The best maxi dress has strong and secure seams that allow you to feel confident in your outfit.

Flattering fit

Maxi dresses tend to offer an indulgent fit for all body sizes. But that doesn’t mean every black maxi dress will be flattering on everyone. Don’t settle for a long black dress that doesn’t flatter you. Choose something that hugs your body in all the right places and gives you confidence.

How much you can expect to spend on a long black dress

You can find a casual black maxi dress for between $20 and $50. High-quality boutique or brand-name maxi dresses often cost $75 or more.

Black Maxi Dress FAQ

How to style a long black dress?

A. If you want to give your long black dress a different style, consider adding a belt and a blazer for a more structured look. Alternatively, you can add a scarf and ankle boots for a comfortable outfit. For a light, summery option, grab a sun hat, your favorite long necklace, and sandals.

Can you wear a long black dress to a wedding?

A. Yes. Although some people are reluctant to wear black to a wedding, it is an elegant color that suits everyone. However, check the suggested dress code for the wedding so that you don’t choose something too casual or too formal.

What is the best long black dress to buy?

Black long dress top

Long buttoned dress with tape on the back

What do you want to know: This adorable short sleeve maxi dress has a tie waist that flatters your curves. It also features an easy button down design for simple styling.

What you will love: This long black dress is cute without making complicated accessories. The button closure and the tie at the waist accentuate your figure. And the folded collar and the V-neck finalize the silhouette in a charming and delicate style.

What you should consider: Not everyone likes to use button closures.

Or buy: Sold by Macy’s

Black maxi dress top for the money

Verdusa Women's Long Sleeve Loose Maxi Dress

Verdusa Women’s Long Sleeve Loose Maxi Dress

What do you want to know: If you’re looking for a comfortable black maxi dress with sleeves, look no further. This soft and stretchy dress features a flattering hemline.

What you will love: It has a round neck and is perfect for lounging around the house or dressing up for dinner. The loose waistband provides a comfortable fit and a flexible waist.

What you should consider: Some users report that the fabric of this dress is a bit thin.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

NEW Black Open Maxi Long Dress

NEW Black Open Maxi Long Dress

What do you want to know: If you want a luxurious black maxi dress with a stunning cutout, this is the perfect dress for you.

What you will love: It is aimed at all those who wish to combine elegance and nervousness. The silhouette is iconic and captivating, with a defined halter neckline and single long sleeve. You will feel confident and beautiful in the open back.

What you should consider: This dress may take several weeks to arrive.

Or buy: Sold by Etsy

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