Bakugo Katsuki’s D&D Alignment and How It Defines the Explosive Hero

My Hero Academia’s Bakugo Katsuki, if he were a Dungeons & Dragons character, would have an exciting moral alignment as an adventurer.

my hero academia is a mega-popular superhero shonen anime featuring a dazzling variety of professional heroes, many of whom are students at schools such as the prestigious UA protagonist Midoriya Izuku is a hero in training, and so is his childhood friend Bakugo Katsuki.

Unlike the even-tempered and empathetic Izuku, Bakugo is a hot-tempered and aggressive character who is fiercely determined to prove himself as the best, but he really wants to save the day as a hero. Bakugo has sworn to replace his idol All Might as the new No. 1 hero, and a complicated personality like that can best be described with the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment chart. He is an adventurer like no other.

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The Basics of a Good Chaotic Character

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If Chaotic Good characters like Bakugo had a motto, it would be “you can’t tell me how to be a hero”. Such characters are almost like a walking contradiction since they want to do good but refuse to follow rules or cooperate with authority. They are rogue heroes, independent agents who want to eliminate evil and injustice in their own way. This sets them apart from knights, who follow a strict code of honor, or police officers, who have to enforce the law with a lot of scrutiny. In short, the characters of Chaotic Good fight on behalf of society, but they refuse to fully fit into it or become part of a militaristic chain of command.

Instead, Chaotic Good characters in J&D and fiction like to invent their own rules and save the day using their own favorite methods. They can be independent superheroes or vigilantes, wandering the world and righting wrongs on their own. Chaotic Good characters are able to fight as a team, and some might actually prefer that, but only if their allies are also Chaotic Good or if they respect the Chaotic Good character’s independent mindset.

These characters value personal freedom and expression above all else and strive to uphold everyone’s freedom to live their lives their own way, with minimal oversight or rules. For a good chaotic character, people can only fulfill their potential when they are absolutely self-determining and unfettered by strict laws, honor codes, or military ranks. Kindness can only flourish when it can spread its wings and fly free like the wind.

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Bakugo Katsuki as Good Chaotic Character in My Hero Academia

Bakugo is Chaotic Good in a few subtle and obvious ways in the story of My hero academia. While at UA, he barely follows the rules and shows little respect to his teachers, even Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead, and he wears his school uniform in a messy and sloppy way, as if strict dress codes weren’t enough for him. . He also tries to give himself a ridiculous hero name – King Explosion Murder – and barely listens when Midnight, the teacher on duty, urges him to reconsider and get a more appropriate name.

During training exercises or missions, Bakugo’s chaotic good side comes to the fore. He rarely follows orders and dislikes cooperating with others, but he also strives to claim victory in the name of justice and has zero tolerance for bad guys. He may be a rogue, but he also firmly rejects the League of Villains when Tomura offers him to join them and use his Quirk freely. Bakugo may be chaotic, but he’s also good, and he would consider himself a failure if he abused his Quirk for meanness or crime.

During his battle against All Might, Bakugo refuses to cooperate with Izuku, insisting on defeating All Might alone so he can claim all the credit and outclass Izuku in style. Bakugo would rather get angry and punch Izuku than fight alongside him as a true chaotic character, but in the end, Bakugo’s good side wins out and he reluctantly helps Izuku earn a narrow victory. During the Provisional Hero License Exam, Bakugo invents his own rules and gruffly speaks to the alleged victims during a mock disaster, with mixed results. The actors disapprove of Bakugo’s tone, but they also note the practicality and efficiency of his demeanor.

Finally, Bakugo is a Chaotic Good team leader during the Joint Training Battles arc, when he leads his four-man team to victory against Setsuna Tokage’s team. Bakugo is brash and selfish as usual, but he cleverly leads his team like a true hero and gets results. After all, Chaotic Good characters like him do well on a team… if they can lay down all the rules.

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