An Evening at the Ball: The Annual Batavia Town Center Wine March Welcomes the Crowds | Business

BATAVIA – I hope Sherman didn’t necessarily expect to wear his ball gown so soon.

But the 18-year-old from Batavia – who narrowly missed being the queen of this year’s prom – was dressed again on Saturday night. She wore her dress and tiara among the crowds passing through the city center.

Was it fancy? A recovery?

Not in the least – Sherman was having fun accompanying his family members on the Batavia Town Center Wine Walk 2021. The annual event was back with the added bonus of a ballroom theme.

“I’m the designated driver for my mom and whoever decided to get out of quarantine and stuff like that, and be stuck in the house and everything.” Sherman said, accompanying his grandmother Judy Sherman, mum Karen and dad Ray Beimel. “It’s nice to go out to see people we haven’t seen in a while and have fun with family and friends.” Without forgetting to support the surrounding business environment.

The Wine Walk is sponsored by the Downtown Batavia Business Improvement District. It showcases local businesses and New York wines, with tasting stations set up in each.

Large numbers of people visit each location, bringing significant exposure to the goods and services they offer.

“It’s going amazing,” said organizer Beth Kemp of the BID. “We have a sold-out event, so we sold 600 tickets, including 200 VIP and the rest general admission. We also have a group of (designated drivers) this year. “

How did the theme of the ball unfold? “It’s going well,” said Kemp, who wore her daughter’s ball gown from last year at the event. “Did you see the amazing dresses and costumes walking around? Yes … it’s fun. Everyone is having a good time.

“It’s super important,” she continued. “We were extremely disappointed last year that we couldn’t organize events for our companies, which is exciting. We have 20 companies stopping by this year, and they were eager to participate in the Wine Walk. “

The crowds formed long lines at the participating businesses, with many in their old prom dresses, suits or other formal evening wear.

Sherman said her mother couldn’t attend the prom, so their family was making it a night out. “We dressed her, we dressed myself,” Sherman said good-naturedly. “I lost the Prom Queen by a vote, but I’m not too sad about it.”

My Cut Barbershop owner Zach Watts and his girlfriend Haley Brown posed for a selfie while serving wine samples with Angel Sanchez.

“It’s awesome,” Watts said. “We like it. We were hoping we could have gotten that kind of exposure last year, but they canceled it, so being able to get that kind of exposure this year has been great for us.

“Prom night makes it even better,” he added. “Everyone looks good, everyone feels good, that’s great.”

The event was particularly significant given last year’s COVID-19 shutdown.

“It’s awesome,” Watts said. “It’s really important, especially with all the foot traffic we’ve seen. You haven’t seen this. It has been a year and a half since people left their homes and moved around. Mix in some wine and people start to forget – it’s not such a bad place.

In addition, the theme of the ball brings a lot of old and fond memories. Brown wore her 2015 senior prom dress.

Everyone is having a good time, ”he said. “It has been great for us to come into contact with people who find it difficult to know that they are here every day. They can come and see us face to face. It makes our job a lot easier, you know?

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