“Am I the moron wearing the same dress to all my friends’ weddings?”

Apparently, your clothing choices can put a strain on your friendship. In some people’s minds, there are only so many times you can wear one dress. Rather than seeing your fashion choices as iconic, they see it as a quiet insult.

A reddit, from Canada, shared how she wears a blue dress to all her friends’ weddings in California because her warm weather wardrobe is very limited. However, when she was invited to her friend’s wedding, she was warned not to wear her signature dress.

It was then that the publisher decided to turn to the AITA community for advice on what it should do. Scroll down for the full post and to see what advice the internet gave the woman. When you’ve read everything, share your opinion in the comments. Do you think it’s time for a new dress or should the wedding guest wear her old blue dress again?

bored panda reached out to wedding industry experts Anna and Sarah, team leaders at The Wedding Society, to get their thoughts on wedding dress codes, following the happy couple’s advice, as well as trends to fashion in 2022. Read on for what they had to say.

A Woman Was Invited To A Friend’s Wedding But Was In A Dilemma About What To Wear

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Her friend’s request led her to turn to the AITA community for advice. Here’s the full story from the redditor

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According to wedding experts Anna and Sarah, it’s usually a good idea to listen to the advice and direction the wedding couple gives their guests. Of course, everything must be taken with a pinch of common sense: most of the time, you will know intuitively if certain requests are unreasonable or unrealistic.

“If you can and they’re reasonable, it’s always best to take the advice of the bride and groom as to what to wear,” the expert told Bored Panda.

“Of course, there’s always a line that can be crossed for being overly demanding or unrealistic with expectations, but generally most couples are just trying to help their guests get a feel for their day,” they wrote. suggested that tips shouldn’t put too much pressure on guests.

Anna and Sarah were happy to give Bored Panda a look at the trends in bridal wear and designs in terms of colors and patterns. “There are so many amazing style trends for weddings right now,” they said that 2022 is shaping up to be a great year.

“Neutrals and demures are very popular, as well as pops of bright colors. The clean lines and Palm Springs vibe are always very much in evidence!” they revealed what’s trending.

Most of us Pandas know what peer pressure looks like. At the end of the day, we value other people’s opinions. Especially if they are our closest friends. So when someone tells us they don’t like something we’re wearing, we tend to think it over. A lot. Maybe way too much. Even if we like an item of clothing, we might start to question our own decisions.

After all, we don’t want to end up embarrassing our friends or making them feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be so eager to let go of our identities or fashion choices either. Also, some people are not very enthusiastic about buying a new set of clothes “just” for a wedding. It can sometimes be difficult to strike the right balance between personal boundaries and social expectations.

In some cases, our friends are absolutely right and we just can’t see that our beloved clothes might not suit the social event we are going to. In any case, when it comes to criticizing someone’s clothes, it is essential to be diplomatic, delicate and gentle. (Unless they have a perverted sense of humor and believe frankness is the best policy.)

Earlier, Mary Waldron, the founder of “You Can’t Just Put Fabric Together and Call It a Dress,” told Bored Panda that people might be more willing to listen to you if you put things differently.

“I think the most important thing when sharing opinions about another person’s outfits is tact, it seems rude if you just say, ‘Your dress is ugly’ and the other person may not be so willing to listen to you, but if you were to say, ‘I don’t think this dress is very flattering for your figure, try this other dress.’ It feels less judgmental and gives you a chance to give them a better option,” she explained how people can approach the topic of dresses diplomatically.

Meanwhile, Nigerian fashion designer Oyinda Akinfenwa, the designer behind the Janore brand, told Bored Panda a bit about the actual process of designing the dresses.

“As for my process, it varies depending on the design and my state of mind at the time. It can be quick like just imagining a style and sometimes it’s quite slow which can involve drawing various patterns to make sure I get the right fit and style needed for each design,” she gave us a little insight into how clothing designers think and work.

“I would like people to understand that it’s not easy to create designs from an idea, there’s a lot of creative process involved with it and it would be nice if people understood the designs a bit better. designers and also understood the story behind their artistry,” she said.

“I have to make sure that all the style options I come up with look as good as the next one and fit the category of outfit I’m looking for. Also to ensure that it can not only be styled differently, but also fit different occasions, creating ease and comfort for the wearer,” she explained.

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