8 White Sneaker Outfits You Definitely Have In Your Closet Already

white sneaker outfits

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Some seasonless clothing, although technically a option all year round, feel better worn in the warmer months. White sneakers are a perfect example. For me, white sneakers are in spring and summer what knee high boots are fall and winter: must-haves that you can pretty much pair with anything and everything that fit into the overall aesthetic of those specific seasons. As for Spring 2022, I’m already mapping out my warm weather wardrobe, with white sneaker outfits specifically at the top of the list.

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At some point over the past two years, I became a bit of a sneakerhead. I started meticulously crafting a capsule wardrobe of fresh kicks, which now includes a pair of white sneakers by Sam Edelman. The first pair of white sneakers I owned as an adult, these shoes pair well with just about everything from blazers and dresses to jeans and leggings. To quote without irony mean girlsthe limit does not exist when it comes to the countless white sneaker outfits you can put together with a quick scan of your wardrobe.

white sneakers

white sneakers

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However, if you are not used to wearing such a colorful shoe, wearing a pair of white sneakers can seem intimidating. Maybe you’re worried your shoes will get more attention or accidentally get super dirty (in which case, there’s lots of ways to clean them). Whatever the hesitation, I can guarantee that once you slip on a pair of white sneakers, your wardrobe will feel complete. And if you still doubt the shoe’s versatility, I also scoured Instagram for examples of white sneaker outfits you probably already own.

Upgrade Athleisure

I know what you’re thinking – “duh”, right? But hear me out: white sneakers are the easiest way to elevate your athleisure, and that goes for all Athletics, whether it’s a matching sports bra and leggings set, a graphic tee and shorts or a sweatshirt. A fresh pair will brighten up your outfit, while beat up kicks and tube socks add a vintage touch.

As a replacement for heels

Often people are under the impression that a dress requires formal shoes (more so), but that’s a myth I’m here to debunk. I’ve been a fan of the sneakers and dresses (or skirts) look ever since Sandra Bullock sported the aesthetic in the 1998 movie practical magic and, personally, think it’s a 90s fashion trend definitely worth adopting. So, swap your ballet flats for a pair of trainers or tennis shoes for a casual but also very comfortable look (because, let’s be honest, are we really ready to wear heels again?).

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To contrast a monochromatic outfit

As much as I like a corresponding momentI’m also a bit tired of all the monochrome loungewear I have been collecting since the start of the pandemic. If, like me, you’re looking for a pop of contrast to break up the singular color palette (because if we’ve got these sets, might as well wear them), slip on a pair of white trainers as you head out the door.

Jeans and a white t-shirt

A pair of clean white sneakers teamed with a crisp white t-shirt and blue jeans is a simple outfit that has stood the test of time for a reason: coordinating your top with your shoes adds a subtle element of synchronization to your outfit – you still stick to the matchy-matchy aesthetic, but without going overboard. Plus, the classic combination of blue jeans and a white t-shirt is simple and casual, but if you’re meticulous with your proportions (i.e. skinny jeans and a tucked-in oversized t-shirt or baggy jeans and a tight top), can look really well put together.

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With All Denim

The Canadian tuxedo is monochromatic by design, so like the matching tracksuit sets, it could use a bit of contrast, and there are a few ways to achieve this. For example, Katy Perry wore a beige Canadian tuxedo for a 70s twist on the traditional blue jean aesthetic, Gwen Stefani donned denim on denim with a pair of plaid slip-ons, Jennifer Lopez wore a Canadian tuxedo courtside with black stiletto buckle boots as your shoe choice, and you can opt for a pair of plain white trainers to keep things simple, yet classic.

Unlike flip flops

Packing for spring break or collecting items for summer vacation? Flip-flops are a must if you’re heading to the beach, but if you’re strolling along the boardwalk, save open-toed pairs for the sand and swap out white sneakers to go with your shorts and tank tops. Plus, since white sneakers are multi-faceted shoes, throwing a pair in your suitcase will save you space because you won’t need five other shoe options for day-to-night looks.

As a neutral

If your outfit consists of a bold accessory or print that is meant to be the focal point of your outfit, white sneakers keep your shoes neutral, letting the most colorful aspect of the ensemble shine the most.

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With a blazer

This pair includes the “business casual” assignment. Professional on top and casual on the bottom, a pair of white trainers worn with a blazer says “I’m cool, calm and collected”, but also, if you have to head for the exit, you’re out the door faster than you can. would be in heels.

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