7 everyday clothes that could get you £ 5,000 fine or a driving ban

Many people may not be aware that driving while wearing everyday clothes could break the law.

As a result, motorists risk getting points on their license or having to pay a hefty fine.

A list of seven common clothes that could restrict someone’s driving has been identified by automotive experts Car money.

Highway Rule 97 states: “The clothes and shoes you choose to wear while driving should not prevent you from using the controls properly.

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You could end up with an on-the-spot fine of £ 100 and three reckless driving penalty points if you wear inappropriate clothing that prevents you from maneuvering properly.

If the incident goes to court, the penalty could go up to a £ 5,000 fine, nine penalty points and even a driving ban.

Here are seven common clothes that could restrict your time behind the wheel:

1. A skirt or a long dress

Maxi dresses and skirts are all the rage, but when it comes to wearing this type of clothing while driving, you could be fined and even penalty points on your license.

Material could get caught under the pedals or restrict your use, which is obviously less than ideal.

2. Very loose jeans

For the same reason as above, if your jeans are too wide they may be unsuitable for driving, which means you could be penalized.

It’s been thirty-one years since Madness released its hit single, so baggy pants may well have passed their heyday.

3. Flip-flops / slides

Thousands of motorists get behind the wheel every year with their flip-flops and flip-flops on when the sun hits, but how safe are they? Shoes with thin soles, less than 10mm thick, are considered dangerous to drive.

Remember, flip-flops are for the beach, not for the driver’s seat.

4. High heels

Your shoes should not restrict the movement of your ankle.

While they may look stylish, high heels just aren’t pedal-friendly.

If you are driving somewhere where you want to wear heels, take them in the car and wear flats suitable for driving.

5. Slippers

If your slippers are open-back, they are most likely not safe to ride due to your feet likely to slip when using the pedals.

6. Thick boots

Although at first glance it looks good, motorists should reconsider driving with thick-soled boots.

Alastair Grier, Managing Director of CarMoney, said: “Shoes when riding should be narrow enough so that they do not accidentally touch two pedals at once.”

7. Sunglasses

Depending on the lens of your sunglasses, they might actually be too dark to drive safely, according to the AA.

Your peripheral vision can also be affected by wearing sunglasses while driving due to the frames blocking your vision.

Sun visors were invented for the sole purpose of allowing you to see the road clearly on a sunny day, so it is best to use them when needed.

It’s also important to note that these are just seven examples of clothing items that may interfere with driving, but the list is not exhaustive.

If in doubt, change it.

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