50 awesome summer dresses to buy right now

If you don’t have a better summer dress hanging in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for? Now that the sun is out (for now, anyway) and the pub gardens and restaurant terraces are open, you’re going to want something spectacular for the summer of 2021 – aka, the most anticipated of the story.

What you need for RN is a number with that easy-to-do-it-all vibe; the one you put on in three seconds flat and miraculously emerge from the air damn close. Pieces like this literally give you extra minutes in bed every morning. The standard dress styles we grew up with were form-fitting and thigh-low, however, our go-to now is something unstructured, flowing, and ankle-length. That means it’s just as comfortable as your favorite tracksuits but looks super chic in comparison. And we imagine you’ve had enough of your loungewear after all those months stuck at home, right?

Still, if you prefer a little summary that highlights a little more skin, we’ve got you covered. Labels like Bassike and Mango balance long hems with sexy cutouts, while the minis from Faithful The Brand and & Other Stories have a fun and flirty vibe. You can wear all of these dresses with heeled sandals, or just add a pair of chunky Doc Martens to the mix for extra attitude. Yes, they are so versatile.

Ofc, we’ve also added a few smarter looks, for when you finally get back to the office. Wear them now on your precious pub trips with sunglasses and sneakers, then switch to loafers and mules when your boss says WFH lyf is over.

What is the best dress for the summer?

Soz to look like a broken record, but the best summer dress is literally the one you feel comfortable in. We think comfort has never been so cool – you can thank the lock for that one (silver lining, not all of it). After a year of WFH, these are tiered dresses floating around on everyone’s boats these days. But if you want to spice things up after being wrapped up in oversized hoodies, we hear you: Knit, jersey and ribbed dresses are bodycon but super comfy. Win, win.

Where is the best place to buy a summer dress?

If we were to limit ourselves to just one brand, we’d probably say & Other Stories is the best place to shop for summer dresses – from milkmaid minis and Peter Pan neck dresses to flowing maxis and understated shirt styles. There’s a reason Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton are such huge fans of the brand: there’s something for everyone, at all ages.

Okay, we say that, but the brand hasn’t released a curved line yet. Then Mango is where you can really find something for everyone – chic knitted midi’s and stunning plus size summer dresses from its Violeta range.

Where to buy summer dresses online?

If you have the cash to spend, Net-a-porter is the place to be to find summer dresses online. And before you think it’s totally out of your budget, check out our selection of cheaper designer dresses like Rixo and Sleeper. If you’re a street girl through and through, however, there’s no place like [home] ASOS for all your summer sartorial needs.

Everything is a bit overwhelming there, with all these new things to choose from, so we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed it down to the 50 Best Summer Dresses to Buy in 2021.

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