5 rings trends you’ll see everywhere


Have the photos already started flooding your social media feed? We’re quickly heading into the peak of engagement season, the time period from December through Valentine’s Day where plenty of proposals take place and couples are sharing their happy news with snaps of the momentous occasion.

Just as some styles of wedding dresses fall in fashion, so do engagement ring trends come and go. Right now, celebrities and royals have a major impact on what’s hot, with many brides-to-be preferring more unusual cuts and colors over traditional diamond designs.

We asked an expert in jewelry describe trends in engagement rings that he believes will be important in 2021 and beyond …

1. Rings asymmetric two stones

(Etsy / PA)

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Known as the “You and I” (which means “you and me” in French), the rings two stones were favorite celebrities this year. “Ariana Grande popularized this ‘you and me’ design in 2020, when she introduced an alternative oval diamond and pearl engagement ring, with the two stones sitting side by side,” said Zack Stone, CEO of Steven Stone.

He predicts that these designs “will soar in 2022, with irregularly colored gems, pearls and diamonds sitting imperfectly, but perfectly, side by side.” But that’s not a new trend – the style rose to fame in 1796 when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed Joséphine de Beauharnais with a.

Stone adds, “Traditionally, they have featured two different stones in matching sizes and cuts, but today jewelers are experimenting with contrasts in the cuts, sizes and settings of gemstones for a more contemporary look.”

2. Custom rings

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Stone predicts that 2022 will be “the year of combining wedding rings and personalization”, inspired by the recent engagement of a certain princess of pop.

Britney Spears kicked off the trend when she revealed her engagement ring to her partner Sam Asghari, with her nickname ‘Lioness’ engraved inside the group. Since then, the number of couples asking for these meaningful anecdotes has grown. started to increase, and we expect it to become the next big trend for wedding and engagement rings. “

3. nontraditional Sapphires

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“Towards the end of 2021, demand for alternative sapphires, especially in teal tones, has skyrocketed, and we expect that to continue through 2022,” Stone said. Sunset hues like pink and orange are also proving popular thanks to Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring, and another famous royal ring is likely to renew the sapphire trend.

Stone explains: “With the release of the five season The crown at the end of 2021, which follows the story of Princess Diana, there is no doubt that this will also impact on sales of sapphires. This time around, however, consumers will be looking for more non-traditional stones in an effort to give the classic style a modern twist. “

4. Geometric shapes

custom ring created by jeweler Steven Stone
(Steven Stone / PA)

Round and oval stone shapes dominated in 2021, but everything is about to change in 2022, says Stone: “Expect to see an increase in geometric shaped stones, triangles, hexagons and kites. . settings – another trend that will sail through 2022. “

5. Eternity rings

custom ring created by jeweler Steven Stone
(Steven Stone / PA)

Eternity rings, believed to symbolize lasting affection, are typically set with gemstones all around and designed to run parallel to a wedding ring. However, there is a new trend for more unusual styles that sit separately or leave space.

Stone explains, “From floating diamond paved rings to tinsel and twist rings, eternity rings are about to make a huge statement and will no longer fit into the engagement ring – instead, they will fit together. This alternative approach creates contrasting shapes side by side and amplifies the exciting, new, non-traditional approach to wedding jewelry. “


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