5 fashion trends to watch for Black Friday 2021


With a solid fall and growing concerns about supply issues, people are starting their holiday shopping earlier than ever. Which means people are already starting to plan their wish lists for Black Friday 2021.

Sure, you probably already know what big tech or hot toys you’re going to pick up, but what fashion and gift trends should you keep on your radar?

To help you get ready for Black Friday, we went to the experts and found their predictions on the most wanted fashion and gift trends – and what you should definitely plan to add to the cart with a delivery.

Read on to find out what products people searched for in the months and weeks leading up to the Black Friday deals.

Travel bags

As we come out of the pandemic and start traveling again, even if it is only a short trip to the office, many people find they need new bags.

“With more people returning to the office and traveling this year, we expect the demand for research to increase again in December,” according to a study by Driver, a marketing platform specializing in search traffic. They found that searches for “Chanel 2021 bags”, “just southern tote”, “bogg bag accessories” and “travel packing cubes” have all increased by over 1000%.

Personalized and handmade gifts

With shipping delays, people plan ahead and shop earlier, leaving plenty of time to research handmade and personalized gifts.

“A personalized gift makes people feel like you’ve really gone the extra mile to get it just for them,” said style expert Jasmine Snow TODAY. Some of her favorite personalized gifts include embroidered scarves and pajamas, or even name tag jewelry.

“Start supporting your favorite Etsy store and signing up for their newsletter,” style expert Melissa Chataigne said TODAY. She predicts that there will be a strong push for products such as pottery and candles this holiday season.

Cocktail and wedding guest dresses

2020 was a year of cancellations and postponements, and weddings were no exception. With couples finally able to get married in 2021, there has been an increase in searches for cocktail dresses and other wedding attire.

Searches for terms such as “formal wedding guest dresses”, “cocktail and evening dresses”, “semi-formal wedding dresses”, “cocktail dresses for weddings” and “dress for a wedding guest”. wedding ”rose 200%, while searches for more brands and celebrity-specific“ cocktail dresses for weddings ”increased by 1000% since 2020, according to the conductor’s study.

Baby and toddler clothing

Although Black Friday is known for its incredible sales of appliances and technology, experts predict that shoppers will be looking for deals on baby and toddler clothing. According to Driver, searches for clothing for babies and toddlers have steadily increased.

“Some amazing brands always have fantastic sales this time of year,” Snow said. “It’s time to stock up on holiday pajamas, matching sets for the kids (or the whole family!)

The essentials of personal care

“This year as a country we have suffered a lot so I think the giveaways will be more sentimental and focused on self-care, care, wellness and fitness,” said Chataigne.

While beauty products are great gift options for pampering yourself, fitness is also stealing the show this holiday season.

“With the spread of Covid still strong, a lot of people still want to achieve their fitness goals, but from the comfort of their home,” Chataigne said. “Whether it’s Peloton, JaxJox or Beachbody, providing fitness is a big trend this holiday season.”

How much are people going to spend this Black Friday?

In 2020, Black Friday has gone from a sprint to a marathon, with retailers extending deals for a full week. With Covid-19 variants, global shipping delays and labor shortages, shopping vacations are likely to be an extravaganza throughout the season, especially with retailers like Amazon, Target and Best. Buy which already announce the first Black Friday offers.

Despite forecasts of lower spending due to the pandemic, overall spending last year was $ 14.13 billion, an increase from 2019. This year, it is expected that spending could reach $ 17 billion.

Buyers, however, may not just be spending their money at large retailers known for their door-to-door deals.

“With huge delivery delays, buyers will shop sooner and return to supporting small businesses, as sophisticated tech giveaways may not be available,” Chataigne said. “The advice here is to shop early! “

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