15 Rope Sandals That Channel Nautical-Inspired Style

Photo: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com / Courtesy of Ulla Johnson

By now, chances are you’ve worn, worn, and worn your summer dress, bathing suit, and shorts again this season. So if you need a change of style this summer, consider a seasonal accessory, something that will keep your outfits fresh all season long. One item that does just that is a rope sandal. Not only will the nautical-inspired material give your summer uniform a stylish update, a rope strap is also a much softer and more flexible alternative to stiff, stiff leather straps in the summer.

They’re mostly flat (read “comfortable”), making them an ideal option for daytime wear, whether walking, beach or boating. However, their material texture and wide range of colors, many of which come in a gladiator-style ankle lace-up, are sure to be something you’ll want to show off under your cropped beach dresses and/or pants this season. Not to mention, they’re a great addition to any holiday wardrobe. Team your look with a pair of rope sandals this summer, with our pick of the coolest styles below.

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