10 of the best men’s dress shirts to buy in 2022

In sartorial terms, a dress shirt is defined as a long-sleeved, collared shirt with buttons down the front. In everyday life, it is the right shirt in your wardrobe. You take it out for the required formal occasions – when the dress code calls for a crisp, tailored suit – or you wear it more casually, layering it with jeans and white trainers for the weekend. With office events, weddings and social gatherings in the mix, you’ll want to keep a few of these versatile shirts on hand so you’re ready for anything.

For those who bristle at the thought of a tight collar putting them in a stranglehold, good news: the best dress shirts for men are cut from breathable technical fabrics that hold their shape but have enough stretch to move. with you. Styles have also softened considerably from the starched versions you might have owned five years ago. Now you’ll find modern collars, sophisticated prints and non-boring colors that elevate the men’s dress shirt from mere fashion filler to something much more interesting.

To zero in on the highest quality shirts for your spending, consider material, fit, comfort, and cost. Unless you plan to go the bespoke route, there are plenty of surprisingly reasonably priced options on the market with impeccable detailing to suit your fashion tastes. Whether you like stripes, spread collars or French cuffs, here’s where to buy the best dress shirts for your wardrobe.

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Best Men’s Dress Shirts Overall

Theory: Streamlined shirts that last

Traci Franklin, a celebrity fashion designer based in New York, swears by Theory dress shirts for her male customers, calling for the quality fabrics, modern cuts and prices that align with the durability of the garments. Made with ethically sourced cotton, the Sylvain shirt is his top choice. “It’s my go-to whenever I dress guys. It has the perfect amount of stretch combined with a snug fit and the fabric is super soft.

Costume Supply: Bespoke Looks at Unbeatable Prices

For an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice standards, New York-based personal stylist and image consultant Peter Nguyen likes SuitSupply. “Their wide range of sizes provides options for everyone,” he says. “If you are lucky enough to visit them in store, their personal shopper is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to their clothes.” They also offer in-house tailoring to ensure their customers get the right fit.

Best White Shirts for Men

Bloomingdale’s: whites that stay white

White shirts are the workhorses of your wardrobe. Given how often they are worn and their versatility, these shirts need to be of high quality to last and stay white (not yellow) over time. Bloomingdale’s house-brand dress shirts are a well-kept secret in menswear, says designer Franklin, who loves the Solid Stretch range for its crisp tones and reasonably priced size range.

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Best Casual Dress Shirts for Men

Lululemon: Comfortable and cooling premium fabrics.

Although Lululemon is known for its high-performance workout gear, the casual options are just as comfortable and surprisingly stylish. Designed for the man on the move, dress shirts feature sweat-wicking fabrics, with built-in stretch, and layer nicely under blazers or sweaters while keeping you cool.

Everlane: sustainable foundations

Everlane is known for high quality basics sewn with ethically sourced materials at a reasonable price. Made from Japanese slow-spun fabric that’s soft against the skin and machine washable, the Oxford Shirt is built to last through the daily commute and cocktail hour. Experts also praise Everlane for its excellent customer service – the brand will replace any damaged shirt for up to a year after purchase.

Best Budget Dress Shirts for Men

Uniqlo: wrinkle-resistant styles

These tight-fitting, no-fuss dress shirts are a cult pick, says stylist Franklin, who loves their “really clean, minimalist” design. This 100% cotton shirt goes to work wrinkle-free even after a quick wash in the dryer. It comes in a range of basic colors, so at $35 you can stock up on a few shirts at a time.

Charles Tyrrwhitt: custom options

For under $100, Charles Tyrrwhitt’s wrinkle-resistant dress shirts hold up extremely well and offer the same custom sizing you’d expect from a luxury brand. You can choose from three fits – classic, slim, extra slim – collar and sleeve lengths as well as cuff types (button versus French for cufflinks). For a touch of style, you can also monogram your shirts with your initials.

Best Button Down Shirts for Men

J.Crew: exceptional prints and patterns

What is the difference between dress shirts and button down shirts? These days they’re mostly synonymous, but traditionally button-down shirts are considered more casual, with lower side seams and shorter shirt tails so you can wear them without tucking them in. J.Crew excels in both types of shirts, but their button-up shirts stand out for the selection of prints and patterns, which you can wear with jeans.

Best Men’s Dress Shirts for Athletic Fits

Bonobos: fabrics that stretch

Bonobos were originally intended to create a better pair of men’s pants. Fifteen years later, their offerings have expanded, while emphasizing style and comfort. Sizes range from XS to XXL with the option to choose from specific fits and shirt lengths. Guys with broad shoulders prefer the athletic fit for more room in the chest, arms and shoulders and a slimming fit on the torso.

Mizzen+Main: flexible for broad shoulders

Mizzen+Main aims to create dress shirts that function as workout clothes and do not restrict movement. Quick-drying, super-stretch shirts are cut from a synthetic, sweat-wicking blend that resists wrinkles and fits better without tucking them in. Stylist Franklin stresses, however, that the overall look needs to be polished. “Dress shirts should fit your chest and waist,” she says. Her advice if you’re between sizes: “Find a shirt that fits your shoulders and then fit it to your waistline.”

What to Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Shirts

  • Material: The choice of fabric and the cut go hand in hand. “Material is one of the most important things when choosing your dress shirt,” says New York-based fashion designer Traci Franklin. She recommends cotton for everyday use on the go. In warmer weather, opt for a more breathable material like linen or a linen blend. To be worn under a suit, natural fabrics (cottons, silks and linens) do not trap heat, so you are less likely to sweat.
  • Adapt: According to Franklin, one of the most common fit issues for men is thinking they’re bigger than they really are, so their clothes are a little too loose. Before committing to a shirt, do a quick test. First, “the shoulder seam should line up with your shoulder bone,” says personal stylist and image consultant Peter Nguyen. “If it falls off your shoulders, the shirt is too big.” Next, examine the necklace. After fully buttoning, it should leave enough room for two fingers. Next, check the sleeves. They should end where your wrist ends and the hand begins. Finally, you should be able to tuck the hem into your pants without the excess fabric spilling over your waist. Nguyen also finds that if there are lines of tension around the armpits or small gaps between the buttons, it’s too tight. Your shirt should be clean and close to your body, with some room to move.
  • Care: “Prevention is the key,” says Nguyen. “To reduce stubborn stains, like the dreaded collar ring, rotate shirts often and don’t wear the same shirt back to back.” Pit stains and yellowing are often caused by a combination of natural sweat and unabsorbed deodorant. He suggests applying the deodorant before bed to allow it to be fully absorbed. For an extra layer of protection, wear underwear. Most dress shirts these days are machine washable, but to be on the safe side, check the label instructions, then remove the collar stays and treat areas that tend to get dirty quickly, such as the collar. To avoid creases, Nyugen prefers to hang up the shirts rather than put them in the dry cleaners. “Iron when almost dry but still a bit damp. This will make wrinkles easier to remove.

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