10 memorable themes for your next corporate event

(STL.News) Hosting a corporate event is a great way to help your team bond and increase workplace productivity, satisfaction, and collaboration. Enterprise events can be especially beneficial for businesses that operate on a hybrid or fully remote system. Corporate events get a bad rap for being stuffy or too boozy, so giving your event a theme can be a great way to help your team loosen up and have fun.

Retreats and corporate events may once have been team-building exercises, but many employers recognize that enjoying quality time outside of work can be even better at improving trust and relationships within the workplace. the team. A theme can show your team that you want them to have fun and leave work behind.

Retro 80s

Thanks to the popularity of TV shows like Glow and stranger things, the style of the 80s is coming back into fashion in a big way. Hosting an ’80s-themed event can be a great way to capitalize on your team’s fun for retro fashion or even bring some of the older team members back to their younger years.

You can get an 80s theme by renting out a retro arcade, ice rinks, or nightclub for your employees to enjoy. Foods can range from retro designs to 80s favourites. Dress code can be all bright colors, big hair and shoulder pads.


An awards ceremony-themed corporate party can be a fun way to spend an evening networking and bonding. Categories will need to be selected carefully to ensure no one gets angry or offended. The event could be set up similarly to awards shows throughout the entertainment industry, with guests wearing their best formal wear and seated in small groups at tables throughout the venue. .


A masquerade can be another fun and whimsical option and it’s much easier for participants to make a costume. You must choose a lavish venue for a masquerade to match the dramatic evening wear and intricate masks worn by the participants. The food could be a casual buffet style for guests to enjoy between dancing and drinks.

winter wonderland

The winter wonderland can be a great option for corporate Christmas parties. While it might seem like an obvious choice, it’s a classic for good reason. Christmas parties usually take place shortly before employees leave for their Christmas vacation, so throwing a winter wonderland party can really help get them into the holiday spirit. The food should be warming winter fare or a full Christmas dinner, and the dress code is best like smart casual.

james bond

A casino-style party can be a fun and exciting option for your team. You could rent space and hire professional croupiers to handle the gaming tables for your employees. You could even rent a private room in a real casino. Be sure to include signature cocktails and a buffet-style dinner to keep your team energized as they enjoy the casino-themed event, and do the black tie dress code and cocktail dresses.

To help your team get into the James Bond spirit, encouraging them to try out a few casino games beforehand can be a great idea. Online Casinos has an excellent directory of virtual casinos to recommend and try so you can channel your best inner James Bond on the day of the party.

Haunted house

For fans of the spookiest season, a haunted house-themed Halloween company party can be a great choice. There are haunted houses scattered all over the country, and if there aren’t enough of them near you, you can rent any space and invest in spooky decorations to make it spooky.

The foods can all be Halloween themed, so lots of pumpkin, candy, and chocolate treats. The dress code will naturally also be Halloween themed, so anything from the creepy side, like witches to vampires, to the more docile end, like doctors and builders.

Treasure hunt

Organizing a scavenger hunt as part of your office event can be a great way to encourage team spirit. You will need a large location with many different rooms and areas to hide clues and for your employees to explore. Renting an entire country house can be an ideal option. You can then provide each guest with a map and a list of clues to go through. Be sure to include plenty of prizes for everything that goes into the effort of solving the treasure hunt.

High society

If you want to be really classy with your next corporate event, you can make the theme relate to high society. You’ll need to rent a sufficiently impressive location like a country house or mansion, and then plan activities based on past upperclass pastimes. Lawn sports, including croquet, are a must.

For meals, it will depend on the time of day the event is taking place. For daytime events, serving afternoon tea is a must, while for evening events, a quality three-course meal or more is essential. As a dress code, you can encourage attendees to wear their fanciest evening attire.


A carnival-themed party is something that will be etched in your team’s memories. You will need to choose a suitably warm and dry day to accommodate, so between July and September is ideal. You can rent a local funfair for the exclusive use of your team, including all rides, food stalls and games.

This can be an interesting and easy option, as all the entertainment and catering will come with the funfair itself. The dress code for this option should also be casual to allow participants to enjoy the rides and activities comfortably and safely.


Treat your team like the stars they are by hosting a Hollywood-themed event. Having a red carpet entrance is a must, complete with a professional “paparazzi” photographer. Once inside, you should wow your guests with a decadent interior with lots of gold accents. Foods can be snacks like popcorn and hot dogs or something extravagant like champagne and lobster.

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