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Anyone who is suddenly struggling with financial problems lives another life. A long way back in Wolfgang Stricker’s life, often about not giving up a secure job, especially on debt. You are over-indebted and do not know what will happen. Today, nearly four out of ten people live in an indebted household. Life on the financial frontier causes enormous burdens on those affected.

How much debt does this kid already have?

How much debt does this kid already have?

Growing up and already so bad. Yes, and there is always an insurance company involved, a reinsurance carrier and a cedant, who share the income with the entire mobile company. They are all involved in every movement of money and pile up the debt mountain!

“What nonsense,” the economist says in my words, “it’s simple: economic growth is backed by credit, it is borne by people, corporations and governments making debts because they make investments, and if you break off all your debts you do not make a profit Stay with the tyrannicals, they pay for time Born in 1971 in Salzburg Kathrin Röggla is an Austrian and lives in Berlin.

The reason for the LITERATURE SERIES on debt is David Graeber’s seminal work “Debt, How Can I Live With My Debts?” Part One: Writer vs. Economist: “Stay with dictatorships that pay on time.”

Advice for people with debts

Advice for people with debts

Debt counseling accompanies people who are affected or endangered by poverty and people with debts. Are you crushed by debt and do you need support? Principles of Debt Counseling: – Debt counseling is free of charge and subject to confidentiality. – We are guided by the guidelines of the Swiss Debt Advisory Association. – In addition, we do not enter into debt and do not lend.

To facilitate a debt restructuring, you are dependent on a regular salary to repay your debts. In addition, you must finance yourself for a longer period of time and you must not make new debts. The costs of insolvency proceedings are high and no debts are repaid. If a debt rescheduling due to a low income is not possible or if after the bankruptcy again debts appear, only the life remains with debts.

Throughout the process, we look after you, work out a cost estimate with you, identify potential savings and clarify possible complaints.

For many debtors, the freedom of debt may appear at first glance, only possible as a wonderful dream.

For many debtors, the freedom of debt may appear at first glance, only possible as a wonderful dream. But those who are willing to change and change themselves can even get out of debt. Many may have tried to reduce their debts, but they may not have found a help desk that offers help in the form of a loan because of a poorer creditworthiness, such as a negative credit rating.

Maybe you can not find a way out of this debt?

Maybe you can not find a way out of this debt?

Do you finally want to banish your debts from your life? Is there perhaps an unfavorable creditworthiness, such as a negative assessment of the unfavorable situation of the school? You have the chance to fulfill your dream of debt forgiveness. With a negative credit rating, this is no reason for us not to help you to reduce your debt.

Debt settlement: In out-of-court debt repayment, an attempt is made between the creditors and the borrower to reach an agreement on debt relief. With the preparation of a debt settlement plan, the vendors are given an overview of the total debt and an offer for the repayment method, such. Installments and installments. If the lenders accept the plan contract, the borrower not only has time, but may also save some capital.

In order to facilitate an agreement with good chances of success, it is advisable to have an experienced specialist in your place, who can inform the debtor about the necessary documents and the further working steps and can go through them.

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